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Dinar Intel Guru Updates from Nov. 17, 2013 – Expectation Builds

holding Dinar rvThe latest updates from the Dinar guru horde continue to anticipate a final end to this process.  Keep up the positive attitudes and intentions.  I put updates from three gurus on this one since I am feeling the lazy Sunday!

Intel Guru Wife in the Know

  • With Iraq elections near, the rich and powerful were courted by early exchanges.
  • Next is a two part exchange: Iraqi citizens and all others holding Dinar.
  • Dinar value in Iraq will rise.  Three zero notes will be replaced with new lower denoms.
  • Outside the country the three zero note holders will exchange at $3.42.  This will occur this week.
  • True signal of completion will be on CBI website – here.
  • Iraq now has an active democratic government.  Maliki positioning is vital.
  • The US wants Maliki still in office.  He has been working with our government through this entire process.
  • The US does not want a different leader right now.

Intel Guru EXOGEN

Intel Guru Loechin

  • Banks are ready and have green light.  (whatever that means!)
  • Final checks are being done now.  So far, so good.
  • 800 #s can be released at any time.

Stay tuned and share these updates with your friends using the social buttons.  This week may see the dawning of a completely different geopolitical power and financial structure.

p.s.  Sunday is world peace prayer and/or meditation day!  it can also be every day though.

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