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Update on TNT Tony’s Claim of RV Rates Being Released by IMF

North Tikrit iraqYesterday TNT Tony came out and said the IMF had released the Dinar rate of $3.85.  He said seven countries had the rate at their central banks.  It was up to them to pass it down to other in country banks for release to the public.

This post will go over some of the points that Tony has shared over the past 24 hours.  He is the only Dinar guru to share this information.  He has a huge following, so I don’t think he would be stringing people along with constant lies.  As I listen to his recorded calls, I feel that he is genuine, for whatever that’s worth.

Plus, if he had been lying this whole time, there will be many people after him.  He would be in a lot of trouble.  So, I take that into account as well.

Latest Dinar Updates from TNT Tony

  • We have never had the rate showing up in seven different countries before.
  • There were  parties in the streets of Iraq at the news.
  • I am getting many updates and events are proceeding quickly.
  • When I say that a country has a live rate, it is their CBI.
  • It is at the discretion of the country as to how long they take to process the revaluation.
  • Privileged people are being processed.  (We have heard this for a couple of weeks.)
  • The contacts in the seven countries are reporting live rates.  Payouts began yesterday.
  • All the call centers are manned right now.
  • The system was reprogrammed with new rates.

That is the latest TNT Tony notes from from Dinar Guru.  I know he did two TNT blasts yesterday.  I listened to part of the second one.  I will probably listen to it and take notes next to really dive into these new events.

I also see Okie Oil Man coming out with updates, so I will be busy posting for the rest of the day.  I think we can all feel the frantic action taking place right now.

The IMF having released the rate to seven countries was never the public plan, so it took everyone by surprise.  It makes sense to expect the unexpected as this process unfolds.  Another great point that i heard was that the seven countries have simple banking systems.

It is a logical step to see how the RV goes down with the simpler banking systems.  I am sure that everyone is learning on the fly and adjusting plans and tactics as events unfold.  Before yesterday, most gurus that i read said the rate would go live at the same time across the globe.  I guess that would have been pandemonium!

Okay, time for me to read and post for the rest of the day.  Keep searching out more news to get a clearer picture of what is going down.  Try to stay calm!  (yeah, right)

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